On The Right Track Christian Academy, as part of the Ministry On The Right Track has been established to educate our children regardless of race, color or national origin. We require that parents or guardians agree to have their children educated in Biblical and moral principles found in our statement of faith and in our student handbook. Those applying for admission should be able to do regular school work and respond to the discipline and moral teachings. On The Right Track Christian Academy is not qualified to address the needs of students with severe academic, emotional, physical, or disciplinary problems. We recommend that students who face these problems are enrolled in institutions that can meet their needs appropriately.

Application and Admission Procedures

Interview with parents.
  2. Interview with / the student with his/her academic record.
  3. Discussion of the Student Handbook and the requirements of On The Right Track Christian Academy.
  4. Take diagnostic test at Accelerated Christian Education ( to determine the level of learning where the student starts..
  5. Discuss the results of diagnostic test and review the student’s transcript.
  6. Complete the application form and determine the gift that parents will give for their children’s lunches.
  7. Submit immunization record and medical form including results of physical examination for all new students.
  8. Submit health plan card to give back to the student’s record.
  9. Get the student to do a psychometric evaluation at the Dominican Rehabilitation Association in Santo Domingo
  10. Fill in the form required for emergencies.
  11. Submit a letter of recommendation from school of origin.
  12. Sign the “Contract Agreement” or Acceptance of Terms.
  13. Notification of acceptance for admission or denial of admission.
  14. The student must be prompt attending classes before the check in time (7:45 am). S/he must be punctual. After 10 minutes of the time of entry, doors will be closed and the student may not enter the campus. S/he is considered absent.